Website Best Practices – Special Webinar Series With Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni

Website Best Practices – Special Webinar Series With Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni

After months of research, design and testing Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni launched a brand new product entitled ‘The 90-Day Website Mastery Programme’.

Bringing together decades of experience in website consultancy and the best elements of coaching, online support as well as peer-learning, this is a fully live and immersive experience seeking to give you the answers to two main questions:

Would you like to feel proud of your website again?
Would you like your website to work harder for you?

To celebrate the launch of the brand new ’90-Day Website Mastery Programme’ Jonny Ross and Pascal Fintoni went live every week over two months with a 30 minutes taster session.

Below are the recordings of those live sessions, packed full with advice and insight into what it means to manage a website in 2023.

Enjoy, and do get in touch with your questions about the Programme or websites in general.

SESSION 1: Your 2023 Website Health Check

In this 1st session of the ‘Website Best Practice Series’ we are focusing on Your 2023 Website Health Check, in particular:

– How to plan a comprehensive Website Technical Review

– The 10 common complaints from website visitors

Be ready to make lots of notes as we show you how to plan and implement your 2023 website health check!

SESSION 2: Building Trust On Your Website

In this 2nd session of the ‘Website Best Practice Series’ we are focusing on Building Trust on Your Website by explaining:

– The key elements that establish trust to your website

– The 4 different types of website visitors to consider

Lots of ideas and advice to help you make small adjustments to your website that will make a big difference.

SESSION 3: Attracting The Right Website Visitors

In this 3rd session of the ‘Website Best Practice Series’ we are sharing powerful tactics to Attract The Right Website Visitors, in particular:

-How to use practical SEO techniques to increase website visitors

– How to build a network of expert guests and referring websites

We are so pleased to be sharing some great actionable advice that will help you increase the visibility of your website with the right audience.

SESSION 4: Converting Visitors Into Enquiries

In this 4th session of the Website Best Practice Series, we take a closer look at ways to Convert Visitors Into Enquiries.

In particular, we take a close look at:

– How to bring new life to your blog & social media content

– Using video to make your homepage & landing pages work harder for you

We are so pleased to be sharing powerful and practical advice that will make a difference to your website experience!

SESSION 5: Being Proud Of Your Website

In this 5th and final session of the Website Best Practice Series, we focus on Being Proud of Your Website.

We explain and share:

– Techniques to craft weekly/monthly content planning

– Recap on key learning points from this series

– How to bring your vision and strategy to life

Everything you need to understand how to reconnect with your website and find a renewed interest in running a great online destination!

What is the 90-Day Website Mastery Programme?

A fully immersive and live experience, designed to turn Marketing Professionals and Entrepreneurs into confident leaders that create websites that they can be proud of.

And more importantly deliver increased website experience, engagement, and sales to outperform their competition.

To find out if you qualify for our next round of applications visit

And for a comprehensive overview of the programme and what we have designed for you, you can watch the recording of our launch announcement:


For all your questions feel free to contact Pascal Fintoni and Jonny Ross directly:

Pascal Fintoni or via his LinkedIn profile

Jonny Ross or via his LinkedIn profile

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