Using real networking and word of mouth marketing, and the right AI tools, we help you develop your own social media strategy from building networks to viral content creation for more website traffic and referrals.


It was the best social media masterclass we have been to. The tips and advise you gave us is going to help us tremendously.”
– Bernadine Tay, Quinteassential


From a business perspective, Social Media still offers an unrivalled opportunity to genuinely connect with customers.

Benefits are endless – direct feedback from customers, recommendations and increased exposure for your products and services.

The challenge is to avoid using outdated practices and losing your current audience as well as future connections.

Mobile technology has also created a demand for frequency, relevancy and diversity in our social media content.

Video content is fast becoming the number one content format, this level of interactivity can create a tremendous competitive advantage.

It remains that, unless it is executed well, a social media campaign can often lead to very superficial results.

Our Approach

Social Media Marketing is an extension of Word Of Mouth Marketing, we begin by introducing you to the ‘3Rs of Social Media: Recruitment – Reputation – Referral’.

We help you identify the best influencers by completing the ‘Ideal Social Network Mapping’ exercise.

We show you ways to find potential members of your social network using search functions on X/Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and others.

We explain tactics to set up or improve the appeal of your social media platforms using the ‘Savvy Social Netwoker Healtcheck’.

We demonstrate how to increase interaction and shares on social media using the ‘7 Content Hooks’ model.

We complete your training with artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and mobile phone apps to save time and be more efficient.

Next Steps

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“Very enjoyable, well presented, pitched right, Pascal is an excellent trainer always inviting questions. Lot of things to think about and implement now!”
– Clare Shakespeare-Watts, Making Your Day

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