A fast and action-packed day that will give you a new approach to creating better online content faster for your website: from blogging to online photos and Q&A videos using the right AI solutions.


“I found it really valuable and have been up since 5am this morning implementing some of the principles into my business. I now ‘get it!”
– James Bate, Kids Party Venues


Content marketing is the oldest form of offline and online promotion and remains the most effective method to reach current and new customers.

But what can sometimes be seen as a simple marketing task, can be quite tricky to get right.

A thorough understanding of your audience and the best range of information they seek is necessary to ensure content is carefully targeted.

Although a lot of time is spent on SEO, social media and other platforms, the main focus should be on content creation.

We know that businesses that adopt content marketing best practice, benefit from repeat business, improved sales, customer loyalty and strong brand loyalty.

Our Approach

We begin our work by exploring the content creation mindset and the ‘7 Habits of Successful Content Creators’.

Next we design your ‘Online Content Ideas Engine’ using both offline and online tools.

We can then begin with your Copy Blogging Toolkit to create superior content with the ‘Blogger’s 3 Steps Rule’.

We build your skillset with the Photo Blogging Toolkit using the ‘3Cs of Visual Marketing’

We complete your training with the Video Blogging Toolkit with the ‘Video Messaging-Meeting-Marketing’ formula.

We bring all the knowledge together into a cohesive strategy, importantly we discover your true identity as a content creator using the ‘7 online voices’ .

Next Steps

I thought the day was outstanding, challenging, thought provoking. I am going away with loads of ideas, tips and tools which I can’t wait to put into practice.
– Nicola David, Bang Your Own Drum

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