Video Killed The Social Media Star - A Keynote Presentation by Pascal Fintoni

Video Killed The
Social Media Star

This is an action packed and fun presentation on how we must behave like indie filmmakers to face the challenge of video content on social media platforms…

7 Steps To Become A Content Alchemist

An insightful and informative presentation on the art and science of content creation with AI, it is guaranteed to transform your audience into content alchemists…

WANTED Online Experience Makers - A Keynote Presentation by Pascal Fintoni

Wanted: Online Experience Makers

A surprising, and sometimes hilarious, look at the new technologies that are changing the customer experience and home life forever…


My presentations are designed to inspire individuals to take action, I speak frankly about what works and what does not work and I share entertaining anecdotes to highlight my points. But most importantly, I demonstrate a new way of thinking which will give each person in the audience an incredible competitive advantage.
– Pascal Fintoni

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