Social Media News Round Up – Meta’s ‘Conversations’ Business Messaging Conference Special

Social Media News Round Up – Meta’s ‘Conversations’ Business Messaging Conference Special

Social Media News Round Up – Meta’s ‘Conversations’ Business Messaging Conference Special with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

In this special recording, we review the many announcements made by the Meta team working on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp for Business and Instagram Direct.

As always make sure to have your pen and notepad ready, lots in there to help you create that unique and personal experience for your customers:


You can listen to the whole conversation or fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[01:00] Initial Reactions: we share our first impressions about ‘Conversations 2022‘ the first virtual conference from Meta that focused solely on business messaging and outline the structure of our review.

[04:45] Business Messaging is the next level of digital transformation for small businesses: we discuss this statement made by one the Meta product leaders and whether providing an immersive dialogue is exactly what social media marketing is all about.

[08:12] Overview and structure of Conversations 2022: I outline the key elements of the conference from the keynotes to the three separate tracks: developers, small businesses, enterprises, the product spotlights including Meta Business Suite and of course the stats:

  • 74% of customers discover new products on Meta – whereas only 55% via search engine results
  • 86% of customers will go ahead with a purchase if they can have a conversation
  • 77% of customers are more likely to proceed with a purchase if they get a swift answer over messaging

We also react to this additional statement: “Your customers need something from you to make that final decision.” and the CTAs for small businesses to concentrate on: “Click To Message” and “Click To Have A Conversation”.

[17:10] Breakdown of the Small Business Track: we talk about the production (combining pre-recorded and live video footage together with promo reels) and the modules:

  • The Power Of Conversation (Keynote)
  • Get More Potential Customers
  • Turn Potential Customers Into Sales
  • Stay Top Of Mind With Customers
  • Conversations that Matter: Small Business Success Panel
  • Level Up Your Inbox: How To Get The Most Out of Messenger & Instagram Direct
  • A Day In The Life of WhatsApp Small Businesses
  • Customer Conversation: Why I Use Meta Business Suite
  • Meta Business Suite: Product Deep Dive

[19:10] Get More Potential Customers: we discuss the advice given in this tutorial – 1. establish a presence on Meta 2. encourage your audience to ‘click to message’ 3. support your activities with adverts and to practically make it happen.

[23:35] Turn Potential Customers Into Sales: we look at the list of options to support small business owners – creating FAQs, designing action buttons, setting up auto-complete answers, recording several voice messages, assigning specific questions to team members, publishing full catalogue, offering live audio and video calls, and much more!

[33:38] Highlights from the other modules: conversations can vastly increase the conversion rate of your website and other platforms, being able to send notifications to your audience who has opted-in via Reels and other options, the latest and surprising addition to the Meta family: Kustomer, the all-in-one CRM solution.

[47:50] Natalie’s advice on how to get started with Business Messaging: 

  1. make sure that you have the Meta Business Suite installed on your laptop and mobile phone
  2. start using the features one by one and become familiar with the dashboard over time
  3. housekeeping: convert your calls to action to ‘Click To Message’ and promote conversations on your email signature, etc.
  4. start building your FAQs and make sure your product catalogue is up-to-date
  5. experiment with all your calls to action, test all your messaging options internally, keep track of reactions and levels of interest
  6. don’t forget advertising, special offers and give-aways that will encourage conversations
  7. make sure you are available so that you can take control and manage your campaign in real-time
  8. final tip from me: create your business messaging service for your existing customers before rolling out to prospects


Thank you very much for watching and listening to this recording of the Social Media News Round Up.

Have we missed anything? Let us know if you are aware of changes and updates we should have mentioned.

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