Social Media News Round Up – August 2017

Social Media News Round Up – August 2017

Episode 20: Social Media News Round Up with Natalie Eminae.

In this episode, we talk about the Facebook and the downs of Twitter, video finally arriving on Linkedin, social media advertising and much more… We also catch Leon out not doing his homework and I present my online content of the month.

You can watch our discussion below:

[00:01:40] Facebook appointing Andrew Bosworth to head their hardware division which includes VR and associated accessories

[00:03:20] Watch out for viruses transmitted via Facebook Messenger and fake news links

[00:06:50] Discover the ‘Facebook Nevers’ a new generation of individuals who have never registered for a Facebook account and perhaps never will. A study by is suggesting a decline in activity from 12-17 years olds

[00:10:10] Research from Recode looking at popularity of apps in the US: 81% of mobile phone users have the Facebook app, 71% will have the YouTube app, 68% will have Facebook Messenger, 50% will have Snapchat and 50% will have Instagram

[00:18:10] A bit of a rave and a bit of a rant about Linkedin: the new video feature and how we can maximise value from this option. Are there too many moaners and is it time to tidy up your network and let connections go?

[00:32:35] Twitter has become the Xbox One in-gaming app, an interesting development for the social media platform

[00:38:15] Facebook Live releasing free to view feature films, the titles are not exactly going to change the world of online streaming 😉

[00:40:45] Strategy of the Month: use the summer down-time to plan some real-time posts using the ‘days of the year’ calendars as inspiration

[00:44:40] Social App of the Month:

[00:48:05] Leon’s Find of the Month: The Twitter Hashtag is 10 years old! to support individuals suspecting of suffering from depression based on their search behaviour…

[00:55:38] Pascal’s Media Content of the Month: The Moz Blog by Rand Fishkin and his wider team

About Natalie Eminae

Photo of Natalie Eminae from Ococo Media on the Content Marketing Studio Show

Natalie Eminae is the owner of Ococo Media and she specialises in helping small businesses achieve more through their social media channels. Keeping everything jargon-free Natalie and her team can take care of many aspects of your digital marketing activities from content creation to content promotion including social media advertising.

If you would like more information on what was discussed on this episode, feel free to contact Natalie Eminae on: the official website for contacting Natalie Eminae

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