Social Media News Round Up – 2022 Strategies

Social Media News Round Up – 2022 Strategies

Social Media News Round Up – 2022 Strategies with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

We are back with more news, reviews, rants and raves about your favourite social media platforms in a special episode looking at the best tactics for this year:


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[02:00] Is the 2021 social media formula Groups+Live+Advertising still valid in 2022?

[03:10] General social media trends in 2022: integration of newsletter plug-ins, live audio rooms, carousel posts doing better than video and images.

[05:15] Facebook Update: it’s all about the hyper personalisation experience for your network, understanding the Facebook screen scroll, taking advantage of the Facebook Shops, Live, Stories and targeting ads.

[21:08] LinkedIn Update: the platform is now playing to its strengths with multimedia posts, creating a more visual experience, better data segmentation for advertisers, and remaining the most trusted social network.

[28:50] Pinterest Update: the Pinterest Predicts Report is out, a great source of information and inspiration for all the visual marketers out there.

[29:25] Twitter Update: an intriguing ‘Shop Module’ was announced recently to showcase your products, Live Shopping experience is being planned too, Twitter Communities is their version of Groups with potential charge your members.

[36:35] The Social Content Of The Month: 9 Reasons Why Twitter Is Actually Good by Brad R. Edwards for

[43:00] The Social Media Tactic Of The Month: use to work on your seasonal social media campaign and take advantage of special international/national days and key anniversaries

[45:38] The Social Media Tool Of The Month: Twitter 2022 Events Calendar

[47:05] The Content Creation Tool Of The Month: Twitter Spaces, the live audio streaming service which gives you access to a comprehensive (and free) set of features: from scheduling to inviting guests, downloading a recording of your audio file and much more.

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