Social Media Marketing Q&A

Social Media Marketing Q&A

Episode 6: Summer Social Media Marketing Q&A

In this special episode of The Content Marketing Studio show, Natalie Eminae is joining us again to answer your questions on social media and online content.

Watch the Q&A Replay session below:

In this episode we explore the following topics:

Facebook Q&A [starts at 00:02:40]:

  • Update on Facebook’s latest algorithm update to reduce click bait content and improve online experience for their users
  • Can you have a Facebook Business Page without having to set up a personal Facebook profile?
  • How can you share a Facebook post as your Facebook Page and not your personal Facebook profile?
  • Can a facebook page join a facebook group? How do I keep people engaged on my facebook group?
  • What are Facebook Instant Articles, how do I take advantage of them?
  • I do not use facebook insights, should I be using it, what am I missing out on?

Instagram Q&A [starts at 00:37:20]:

  • Update on Instagram Stories and how to take advantage of this new rival to Snapchat
  • Introducing the new term for 2016: ‘InstaGran’ as Office Of National Statistics announced that the number of over 65s on social media has grown by more than 50%
  • How can I research hashtags for Instagram?
  • Can you embed your Instagram Stories on your webpage?

Twitter Q&A [starts at 00:46:10]:

  • Update on Twitter and the release of #Rio2016 emojis for each participating country
  • I have heard of twitter analytics and twitter dashboard, what are they and where can I get access to them?
  • How do I find the most active twitter followers on my account?
  • Can I reuse photos posted on Twitter for my own social media accounts?

General Q&A [starts at 00:56:20]:

  • Update on Linkedin and the publication of 30 seconds advice videos from top 500 influencers
  • How can I use events to create content for social media and engage my community? [starts at 01:01:10]
  • Can I record and broadcast live music on social media? Where can I find copyright free music? [starts at 01:12:50]

Key resources mentioned in this episode:

About Natalie Eminae

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Natalie Eminae is the owner of Ococo Media and she specialises in helping small businesses achieve more through their social media channels. Keeping everything jargon-free Natalie and her team can take care of many aspects of your digital marketing activities from content creation to content promotion including social media advertising.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to contact Natalie Eminae on: the official website for contacting Natalie Eminae

Thank you for watching and listening!

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