Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 1 with Ahmed Khalifa from Hear Me Out [CC]

Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 1 with Ahmed Khalifa from Hear Me Out [CC]

Episode 48 – Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 1 with Ahmed Khalifa from Hear Me Out [CC].

As part of this series I wanted to find ways to reflect on what we mean by website accessibility and what we can do to create content for a more diverse audience.

I am joined by the founder of Hear Me Out [CC] Ahmed Khalifa a consultant and speaker who shares his personal experience as a deaf/hard of hearing person to bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds:

In this episode Ahmed Khalifa and I talk about:

  • how he started the initiative of raising deaf awareness and the purpose behind Hear Me Out [CC]
  • the positive impact on his personal and professional life and the evolution of his services as a consultant
  • the content of his workshops for different businesses looking to improve their accessibility to products and services
  • deafness, its spectrum, the many challenges and the importance of appreciating that every single deaf person is unique
  • the reasonable and practical adjustments to make information more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals
  • the content on his website including his podcast, blog and videos series and his plans for the future
  • captioning videos and his favourite online tools and why you should always edit the content for a better experience
  • writing for the web with accessibility in mind, introducing sign language to video content and options for interpreters to join live webinars and conferences
  • new technologies and how apps are improving slowly but surely from removing background noise to auto-captioning with AI from the likes of Google and Microsoft
  • and so much more

About Ahmed Khalifa

Ahmed Khalifa from Hear Me Out [CC} on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Ahmed Khalifa is the marketing manager of Hey Summit and the founder/director of Hear Me Out [CC] a place where hearing people can learn how to connect and engage with deaf people better, plus work together to bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds. Ahmed is compiling an ever growing blog with resources and is raising deaf awareness via public speaking and workshops, if you are interested in finding out more please click on the links below:

Hear Me Out [CC] Official Website

Hear Me Out [CC] on Facebook

Hear Me Out [CC] on Twitter

Hear Me Out [CC] on YouTube

Ahmed Khalifa on Linkedin

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