Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton – ‘Marketing Masterplan’

Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton – ‘Marketing Masterplan’

Episode 47 – Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton – ‘Marketing Masterplan’.

We continue to look at building your personal brand and authority by writing your first book, an important option in content marketing.

I am joined by Simon Clayton, the managing director of the Marketing Skills Academy and the author of ‘Marketing Masterplan’ for an in-depth discussion about how he wrote the book and its content:

In this episode Simon Clayton and I talk about:

  • his vision for the book as a product for his business and for strengthening his positioning as a coach
  • his journey into self-employment and his approach to personal branding as a marketing strategist
  • how the content of the book was inspired by his work as a coach and by the many questions from his clients
  • sometimes the smallest and simplest bit of information can have a major impact on your audience and should be captured as part of your book
  • the way he adapted his coaching modules into 6 steps to fit the format of a book with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • why he went for the self-publishing route and the benefits of using the services of a designer and a copywriter
  • the positive impact on his own thinking as a marketing strategy coach and the overall experience for his customers
  • his tips to develop your own marketing strategy which needs to tap into a more empathetic form of marketing and a deeper understanding of your clients
  • his ‘5 Es’ model for content creation: Engaging, Educate, Empathise, Entertain and Encourage
  • why marketing your business is more about building relationships than ever before at this moment in time
  • his approach to creating Linkedin posts and how it makes the content really engaging
  • and so much more!

About Simon Clayton

Simon Clayton from Marketing Skills Academy and author of Marketing Masterplan on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Simon Clayton is the founder of the Marketing Skills Academy delivering relevant and proven training and coaching solutions to entrepreneurs, business owners and in-house communications, sales and HR teams across the UK. He is also the author of ‘Marketing Masterplan’ a book on how to plan, create and implement your marketing strategies and grow a profitable business.

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