Meet The Book Authors: Clare Josa – ‘Ditching Imposter Syndrome’.

Meet The Book Authors: Clare Josa – ‘Ditching Imposter Syndrome’.

Episode 60 – Meet The Book Authors: Clare Josa – ‘Ditching Imposter Syndrome’.

Still not sure about writing your first book, wondering how to write the next one? Or maybe you are still doubting yourself as a content creator?

I am joined by business mentor, keynote speaker and multiple book author Clare Josa for an illuminating conversation about writing her latest book and dealing with the imposter syndrome of course:

In this episode Clare Josa and I talk about:

  • how writing novels unlocked her full potential and helped Clare discover her voice as an author
  • storytelling techniques that work for her and her approach to writing her recent book
  • the importance of sharing emotional and expressing physical sensations to truly engage your audience
  • the role of the author in crafting an experience for the reader as opposed to writing to showcase your expertise
  • sharing relatable stories from your past and reverse engineering your journey of transformation for your readers
  • her in-depth research and the results of surveying 2,000 people about the imposter syndrome
  • the role of your support network and editor to vastly improve the flow and structure of your book
  • why she believed in creating 1 book for 1 person with 1 specific problem
  • marketing your book for years and tips for keeping the conversation going with your readers and prospects
  • ditching the imposter syndrome, the book and its content from taming the inner critic, limiting beliefs, secret masks and armours and connecting with who you want to become
  • and so much more!

About Clare Josa

Clare Josa author of Ditching Imposter Syndrome on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni


Clare Josa is a leadership mentor, keynote speaker and author using her expertise in the neuroscience and psychology of performance to create lifelong transformations in ways that are fast, fun and forever.

Since 2003, Clare has specialised in helping business leaders and high-achievers to finally clear the secret self-sabotage thoughts and behaviours caused by Imposter Syndrome… along with other self-imposed glass ceilings.

Clare is the author of several books including ‘Ditching Imposter Syndrome’, she is also the host of the ‘Soul Led Leaders’ podcast series

Clare Josa Official Website

Ditching Imposter Syndrome on Amazon

Soul Led Leaders Podcast

Clare Josa on YouTube

Clare Josa on Linkedin

Clare Josa on Twitter

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