How To Use Sales Skills Effectively In A Digital World

How To Use Sales Skills Effectively In A Digital World

Episode 7: Sales Skills In A Digital World

In this episode of The Content Marketing Studio show, we interview sales and marketing ‘veteran’ Michael McMeekin who reflects on his 30 years experience and how little has changed in the way we sell even with new technologies.

Watch the Q&A Replay session below:

In this episode we explore the following topics:

  • How to plan and review your sales process to increase conversion both offline and online
  • Why your website experience needs to replicate face-to-face interaction
  • What is often lacking in e-commerce websites from information to interaction
  • Why you should always start with your business and human interaction, and not a website
  • Why the FAQs section could be one of the most important elements of your website
  • The need to present your business, your products/services and yourself as low risk
  • The 4 key elements potentially holding you back:
    • lack of confidence in your own abilities
    • old fashioned practices and views
    • not practising your selling skills
    • lack of current sales process mapping

Key resources mentioned in this episode:

About Michael McMeekin

Content Marketing Studio - Sales Skills In A Digital World with Michael McMeekin

Michael is the managing director of Arrow Sales, a training and consultancy firm specialising in helping you improve your sales skills and increase your profit. His career began 30 years ago with IBM and a rapid progression into corporate IT sales followed, in the last 10 years Michael has been working with individuals and organisations to boost their sales confidence by applying practical sales skills that bring results.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to contact Michael McMeekin on: the official website for Arrow Sales

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