How To Use Guest Blogging To Build Your Reputation with Richard Tubb

How To Use Guest Blogging To Build Your Reputation with Richard Tubb

Episode 53 – How To Use Guest Blogging To Build Your Reputation with Richard Tubb.

Is writing about what you are passionate about and getting noticed by your ideal customers of interest? Then this is the conversation for you.

I am joined by MSP consultant and IT business development coach Richard Tubb for an in-depth conversation about blogging and its impact on building trust online:

In this episode Richard Tubb and I talk about:

  • his own journey as a blogger and the evolution of his strategy, goals and aspirations from his content marketing efforts
  • the many benefits of blogging for your own personal development as well as business development
  • his current approach to content marketing to develop his online brand and support his clients with their virtual events
  • how we are all becoming media companies and the processes we should adopt to make content production easier
  • dealing with feelings of self-doubt about your ability as a writer by learning to ignore our inner critic and being inspired by conversations
  • his blogging workflow using his favourite 4 steps: produce – polish – publish – promote and his approach to tackle procrastination
  • how guest blogging started for him and the main differences between creating commissioned articles and your own work
  • putting systems in place to make the content marketing and guest blogging scaleable so you can ask others to support you
  • his progression from working alone to leading a team and his current process to dealing with requests for content or speaking
  •  the importance of compiling a Media CV to inform your clients about the topics you enjoy writing about and to share examples
  • some apps from his Friday Favourites blog series that can make life easier as a content creator
  • and so much more!

About Richard Tubb

Richard Tubb from Tubblog on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Richard Tubb is the business growth expert for IT Solution Providers or Managed Service Providers (MSP) focusing on 3 key areas: Operations, Sales & Marketing and Building Relationships.

Richard helps IT business owners take back control by freeing up their time and building a business that can run without them. Richard is also the author of the book “The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide”, the writer of the award-winning blog and the host of the Tubb Talk podcast and video series.

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