How To Take Care Of Yourself Without Compromise

How To Take Care Of Yourself Without Compromise

Episode 55 – How To Take Care Of Yourself Without Compromise with Vicky Smith.

Another great interview looking into mindset and motivation for content creators.

I am joined by the clinic director of Taylored Fit Physio Vicky Smith for a really delightful conversation about the need to look after ourselves so we can take care of our business and customers:

In this episode Vicky Smith and I talk about:

  • how she has adapted the physiotherapy business and wellness services for their customers including new online classes and a clothing range
  • the story behind choosing an old chapel as the venue for the business and the extensive renovation project
  • what she means about caring for yourself without compromise and how to tune into what our bodies are telling us
  • what helps refill our cups: sleep, hydration, daylight, nutrition, listening to music, dancing, laughter and spending time with your loved ones
  • finding the best way to start the day for you and trying new things as this is about adapting to extraordinary circumstances
  • working from home and how to be careful about being too static, sat in the same position and working longer hours
  • her advice to deal with Seasonal Affective Syndrome, poor sleep, back stiffness and keeping yourself motivated about self-care
  • how she approaches the marketing of the business and lessons she has learned over the years (so helpful!)
  • and so much more

About Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith from Taylored Fit Clinic on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Vicky Smith is a Physiotherapist, clinic director at Taylored-fit Physio and specialist in craniosacral therapy. She also teaches pilates at all levels. Vicky absolutely loves her job, she is passionate about giving people the best care for them, working with their goals and expectations.

In 2018, Vicky and her husband Mark relocated the business to a beautifully renovated Baptist Chapel in Langley Park, allowing them to grow their team and enhance the portfolio of treatments they can offer.

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