How To Get Started With Podcasting To Build Your Brand

How To Get Started With Podcasting To Build Your Brand

Episode 29 – How To Get Started With Podcasting To Build Your Brand with Colin Gray from The Podcast Host.

We invite experienced podcaster and content strategist Colin Gray to explain how to launch a podcast series quickly and build a growing audience who will become your trusting fans:

During the interview, we ask Colin to share his advice and suggestions on:

  • how he began as a podcaster and why it is much easier now than ever to get started
  • what his thoughts are on the state of content marketing and why video and podcast are so popular
  • why new content creators should consider keeping all steps as simple as possible including technology
  • why going for the podcast seasons or podcast series format is a wise approach to avoid burnout
  • how to use ‘lesson planning’ as a technique to create deeper and more compelling content
  • how to take advantage of his formula ‘simplicity + frequency’ to become a better podcaster faster
  • what the differences are between podcast hosting, podcast distribution and podcast publication
  • why being a guest on podcast shows is a wise decision to learn and practise the art of conversation
  • the importance of using real interactions, published blog posts or questions on social media for inspiration

Key resources mentioned by Colin Gray in this episode:

  • libsyn / blubrry/ popular podcast hosting solutions giving you access to stats, embedding and publishing tools
  • powerpress / a dedicated wordpress plugin to help you publish your podcast on your website including SEO and subscribe tools
  • spreaker / stitcher / itunes / podcast episodes directories and distribution platforms for your audience
  • audacity / popular audio recording and editing web app to add to your podcasting toolkit
  • samsung saq2u mic / usb and slr external mic used by Colin Gray during this interview
  • sure sm58 / additional mic used by Colin for his podcasting
  • yahama mg10 / mixing console used by Colin with sure sm58 mic
  • zoom h5 / portable audio recorder which can be linked to yahama mg10 mixing console

About Colin Gray

Colin Gray from The Podcast Host on The Content Marketing Studio Show

Colin Gray is the founder of which is the top resource on the web for podcast education, covering launch, growth & monetisation. He is dedicated to helping anyone or any business create a show of their own, either online, through podcasts, videos or the written word – or on stage, through workshops, events and conferences.

If you’re looking for someone to support your podcasting journey or tell your audience about the power of podcasting, then get in touch with Colin Gray on:

thepodcasthost official website

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