How To Get Ready For Content Marketing – Part 2

How To Get Ready For Content Marketing – Part 2

Episode 2: Making Time For Content Creation

Time Management and Productivity expert Tiana Wilson-Buys explains how we can all find 1 hour per day for content creation.

Watch the Q&A Replay session below:

In this episode we explore the following topics:

  • Why are business owners and professionals so ‘good’ at wasting time?
  • What are the reasons for time management to be so difficult nowadays?
  • The need to identify your ‘time thieves’ from working from home to being a CEO.
  • How to reclaim 1 hour for content creation by being more productive.
  • How we can analyse our ‘time budget’ and make better decisions.
  • The 3 steps to make time for content creation and how to say ‘no’ to meetings.

Key resources mentioned by Tiana in this episode:

  • / Tiana’s favourite online planning resource for ‘chunking’ her activities
  • / online platform to help you schedule and queue your social media posts
  • / probably the best note taking online tool out there
  • / very user-friendly online visuals creating tool with templates, etc.
  • / Tiana’s recommended online platform for content curation and more
  • / great audio recording and editing software for podcasters

Other resources mentioned by our viewers:

About Tiana Wilson-Buys

Content Marketing Studio Blab Show with Tiana Wilson-Buys

Tiana is THE ‘Get Stuff Done’ business coach and productivity strategist, she works for both start-ups and established businesses in the creation and implementation of systematic and strategic, goal-driven development plans. She is known and respected for her ‘no nonsense’ approach which has created long lasting results for her clients.

If you would like more information on what was discussed today, feel free to contact Tiana Wilson-Buys on:

Time Tactics Facebook Group

Entrepreneur’s Power Hour Podcast


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