How To Build Your Brand With Headshot Photography

How To Build Your Brand With Headshot Photography

Episode 21: How To Use Headshot Photography To Build Your Brand With Laura Pearman.

In this fun episode we speak to international headshots photographer Laura Pearman about confronting your fears and anxieties about being in front of the camera, how to plan the right photography style for your brand and why it is sometimes ok to use your mobile phone to take photos…

During the interview, we ask Laura to share her advice and thoughts on:

  • Why most people are nervous in front of a camera and what can be done about it
  • Why you need to confront your fears and understand what is making you nervous
  • Why putting yourself forward visually is essential to your personal brand
  • Why a poor linkedin headshot can be really damaging to your brand and business
  • Why even employees should consider headshot photography not just business owners
  • Why 2 years is the limit for your headshot photography and why you need to plan for it
  • How using your phone camera to take selfies can help build your confidence and social content
  • Why a professional headshot is an asset for your business, your website and marketing mix
  • Why building trust without saying a single word is the ultimate goal of headshot photography
  • What goes on during a headshot photography shoot? How can you get ready for that day?

Key resources mentioned in this episode or recommended by Paula Pearman:

  • VSCO app / mobile phone app to edit your selfies and photos with superior mobile presets and camera controls
  • instagram / the photo sharing social network will need little introduction, Laura recommends using Instagram Stories and up to 30 hashtags for increased engagement (but do this wisely!)
  • canva / the ever popular photo editing and graphic design platform for your website, blog headers and social media content
  • wordswag / mobile phone app to help you add awesome text to your photos in seconds, if you need inspiration the tool will provide you with quotes and daily thoughts
  • laura pearman free selfie tips / top 10 tips for getting your selfie hugely improved
  • laura pearman vlog / submit your question to Laura for the next season of ‘The Real Questions Vlog Show’
  • social media strategy podcast / Laura interviewed by Pauline Stockhausen
  • rolling stones youtube channel / Laura’s favourite music and video channel for inspiration

About Laura Pearman

Photo of Laura Pearman from Laura Pearman Photography with text overlay reading on The Content Marketing Studio Show

Laura Pearman is an international headshot photographer with a passion for branding and communications, her career began as a traditional studio photographer but she quickly realised that her customers needed more flexibility and innovation to achieve their reputation goals. She has now successfully combined her love of travelling with an exceptional photography service for her clients to make sure they visually portray a unique brand.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this interview, feel free to get in touch with Laura on:

laura pearman photography official website

Thank you for watching and listening!

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