How To Be A Better News Curator and Interviewer

How To Be A Better News Curator and Interviewer

Episode 10: How To Be A Better News Curator and Interviewer With John Atkinson.

In this episode, we talk to radio show host and producer John Atkinson who shares his many lessons and experiences as a business news curator and researcher for BBC and niche radio programmes.

Watch the video interview replay below:

In this episode we discuss the following key areas:

  • Why there is still some hesitation amongst digital marketers to use news curation and interviews
  • Why knowing your target audience is key to your attempts to inform and educate in a new format
  • Why having a co-host and guest really helps with being relevant and engaging for your audience
  • How it is possible to over prepare when you first begin your journey as a news curator and interviewer
  • How to combine short form and long form content to ensure that you are providing value at all times
  • Why central themes are important to guide your news curation and interviewing and make your life easier
  • Why sharing news is not quite enough, you have to add your comments and the views of your guests
  • What audiences do find interesting and react to when it comes to news curation and interviewees
  • Why you should not hesitate to be ambitious and approach high profile individuals for your interviews
  • How you would select your guests and structure your invitation to ensure that they are well prepared
  • Why you should consider news curation as a service to your customers and extended audience
  • Why your role is not to just ask questions, you have to facilitate a discussion and reflections from your guests

Key resources mentioned in this episode or recommended by John Atkinson:

About John Atkinson

John Atkinson On The Content Marketing Studio Show

John is an award winning business adviser with over 20 years’ experience, in particular with rural businesses. He is also a dedicated radio show host and producer with over 8 years experience presenting and being interviewed for business programmes on Radio Teesdale, BBC Radio Tees, BBC Radio Newcastle and other community radio stations in the area.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to contact John Atkinson on:

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