How Micro Adventures Can Fuel Your Creativity And Mental Fitness

How Micro Adventures Can Fuel Your Creativity And Mental Fitness

Episode 38 – How Micro Adventures Can Fuel Your Creativity And Mental Fitness with Polly Brennan.

This new season of The Content Marketing Studio is all about finding renewed motivation and rediscovering your true talent as a content producer.

I am joined by Polly Brennan who is going to explain to us how we can invest in ourselves more so that we have the energy and the drive to build our online brand.

In this episode, Polly Brennan and I talk about:

  • the importance of self-care and knowing when to do more and when to do less
  • the benefits of learning new techniques and connecting with your small rituals
  • how to find and tell your new story so that you can be your own cheerleader
  • why we must seek out adventures in the ordinary and embrace those moments
  • her definition of micro-adventures and how she keeps herself energised
  • the content of her trade marked Mental Fitness Kitbag
  • how she came up with the Polly’s Weekly Challenge
  • and so much more!

About Polly Brennan

Polly Brennan Founder of Adventurous Coaching on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Polly is the Founder of Adventurous Coaching & creator of The Mental Fitness Kitbag™. She has a passion for enabling people to adopt an adventurous approach to life’s challenges and opportunities. Polly is a PCC accredited coach with an honours degree in Occupational Therapy.  She has been a mental health specialist for the past 25 years with an investment in promoting personal growth, resilience and wellbeing.

If you have any questions for Polly, feel free to contact her on:

Polly Brennan Official Website

Polly Brennan on Facebook

Polly Brennan on Twitter

Polly Brennan on Linkedin

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