How Memorable Leadership Can Transform Your Content Team

How Memorable Leadership Can Transform Your Content Team

Episode 50 – How Memorable Leadership Can Transform Your Content Team with Jenny Ainsworth.

Looking after your energy and positivity is important, if not essential, to create better content faster.

I am joined by leadership and talent development consultant Jenny Ainsworth to explore the positive impact of the right mindset and motivation on you and your content team:

In this episode Jenny Ainsworth and I talk about:

  • the importance of investing in yourself as a professional and as a leader
  • how she has adapted her services and the need to understand your client’s timing
  • how she came up with the concept of ‘memorable leadership’ and the reasons why your clients and colleagues will remember you
  • what you choose to communicate and how you choose to share it and the impact on others
  • how she helps her clients with mindset and motivation by focusing on optimism and knowing what works for you
  • the power of the word ‘better’ in conversations, in your planning and your own personal development
  • momentum to feed your motivation and how simple and practical habits are always preferable
  • the impact of remote working and her advice on how we should revisit practices regularly
  • journaling to recognise your triggers for high and low moods and why we are so good at beating ourselves down
  • team leadership essential traits and how they will maximise the strengths of your team, reduce negativity and have everyone aligned so they’re personally motivated and inspired
  • what she means by her motto ‘you cannot shrink your way to success’ (it is so inspiring!)
  • and so much more.

About Jenny Ainsworth

Jenny Ainsworth Memorable Leadership and Talent Development expert on The Content Marketing Studio

Jenny Ainsworth is a leadership consultant and talent development expert who designs and delivers memorable leadership, personal development and corporate events that transform businesses, change lives and leave a lasting positive impact. Jenny will inspire you to deal more successfully with the demands and pressures of your work by doing more of what energises you and less of what drains you.

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