GETSUBLY.COM – Subtitle Your Videos Automagically And Create Content People Will Love

GETSUBLY.COM – Subtitle Your Videos Automagically And Create Content People Will Love

GETSUBLY.COM – How To Add Subtitles To Your Videos Automagically And Create Content People Will Love with Holly Stephens.

We all know about the the power of video content, can you imagine how much greater the impact would be with subtitles and translation?

In this episode of Battle Of The Apps, I am joined by Holly Stephens entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Subly, the video and audio captioning platform:

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[00:20] Introducing Holly Stephens and how she came up with the idea in first place, the hard work and dedication from the team leading the launch in Spring 2020.

[11:30] A demonstration of Subly and its many features from uploading video and audio files to selecting your language, formatting subtitles, creating templates for future edits, adding your logo, selecting the right dimensions for social media and translating your original text into any of the 40 languages currently available.

[16:30] Open discussion about the benefits of using subtitles with your video content, the importance of creating an easy-to-use platform, getting founding members and user groups involved in the development of Subly. Holly also shares their plans for the future from new and improved features to new team members.

[24:50] The ‘Battle Of The Apps’ fun quiz and final words from Pascal and Helen.

Did you enjoy this conversation with Helen Stephens? If you would like to try out Subly and how easy it is to add subtitles to your videos on the link below:

About Holly Stephens

Battle of the Apps - Holly Stephens Founder and CEO of Subly - GETSUBLY.COM - How To Subtitle Your Videos Automagically with Pascal Fintoni - Episode 14

Holly Stephens is the founder and CEO of Subly, a simple yet powerful online solution that enables content creators to automatically transcribe and translate their content in any language.

Holly came up with the idea for a transcription and subtitling service (now Subly) as she struggled to find an easy way to add subtitles to video content on her YouTube Channel and promote on social media channels. Holly has led positions at Google and Xerox, as well as having three businesses prior.

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