CAPTIVATE.FM – How Independent Podcasters Can Build Their Own Audio Brand

CAPTIVATE.FM – How Independent Podcasters Can Build Their Own Audio Brand

Episode 8 – CAPTIVATE.FM – How Independent Podcasters Can Build Their Own Audio Brand with Mark Asquith from Rebel Base Media.

In this video series, I invite app developers and users to showcase their chosen online solutions and to explain how it can make a positive difference to your business.

I am joined by podcast production consultant and speaker Mark Asquith, the co-founder of Rebel Base Media and the podcast hosting platform:

You can watch this episode from to start to finish or you can fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[01:20] Brief introduction, the story behind and how Mark and his team came up with the idea and designed the online platform dedicated to podcasters, including a conversation about repositioning his personal and business brands.

[09:30] A detailed tour and demonstration of and its many features from setting up an account to uploading your audio files for different shows, publishing your episodes with time-stamps and tracking the performance of your podcasting (so good!).

[21:40] Our discussion about podcasting, the unique connection you can create with your listeners and how it will contribute to your business growth. This is an impromptu coaching session from Mark that is not to be missed!

[39:50] Fun quiz to wrap up this great conversation.

About Mark Asquith

Mark Asquith from Rebel Base Media and Captivate dot fm on Battle of the Apps with Pascal Fintoni

Mark Asquith is a podcaster, speaker and trainer and also the co-founder of Rebel Based Media the brand behind podcasting solutions and services such as, Poductivity, Podcast Websites and Podcast Success Academy.

Mark is passionate about building technology and solutions to help podcasters achieve audio influence. In addition to sharing his expertise and observations via his own podcast series, he is also invited to speak at many events including Harvard, TEDx, Podcast Movement, FinCon, PodFest and more. Official Website

Rebel Base Media Official Website

Mark Asquith Official Website

Spark Of Rebellion Podcast

Mark Asquith on Linkedin

Mark Asquith on Twitter

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