ALITU.COM – How To Spend Less Time Editing Podcast Episodes

ALITU.COM – How To Spend Less Time Editing Podcast Episodes

Episode 4 – ALITU.COM – How To Spend Less Time Editing Podcast Episodes with Colin Gray from The Podcast Host.

In this video series, I invite app developers and users to showcase their chosen online solutions and to explain how it can make a positive difference to your business.

I am joined by podcast consultant, trainer and speaker Colin Gray, the founder of The Podcast Host and the creator of The Podcast Maker:

You can watch this episode from to start to finish or you can fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[04:10] how Colin came up with the idea for Alitu The Podcast Maker and the evolution from consultancy to solution provider

[09:12] demonstration of Alitu The Podcast Maker and its many features from recording episodes to automatic audio clean-up, adding music or adverts, and publishing to podcast platforms

[23:10] thoughts and reflections on the steady rise in podcast listening and why there are still a lot of opportunities for podcast creators

[31:27] Fun Quiz and Outro

About Colin Gray

Colin Gray from The Podcast Host and Alitu on Battle of the Apps With Pascal Fintoni

Colin is the founder of which is the top resource on the web for podcast education, covering launch, growth & monetisation, and everything in between. He is also the creator of Alitu The Podcast Make, the go-to web app designed to make editing and production as easy as humanly possible, automating most of it and offering podcast-specific tools for the rest.

The Podcast Host Official Website

Alitu The Podcast Maker Official Website

How To Start A Podcast Guide

The Podcraft Podcast

The Podcast Host on Twitter

Colin Gray on YouTube

Colin Gray on Linkedin

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