Video Marketing and YouTube Bootcamp

Video Marketing and YouTube Bootcamp

Let’s continue this video series, with a step by step course on creating your video marketing strategy.

This webinar was originally delivered for Digital Drive County Durham from the We Are UMi‘s recording studio.

Have your pen and paper ready, or your keyboard, enjoy this detailed look at video marketing tactics, tech and apps and let me know which one is your favourite:

Part 1 – An Introduction to the key elements of any video marketing strategies and the 3 principles and the 3 stages of your journey as a video marketer:



Part 2 – I share and demonstrate two tactics to get started on YouTube without the need to create video content – Video Curation and Video Collaboration:



Part 3 – We then move onto Video Creation with a focus on Video Messaging for your social media activities together with the apps you should be looking into:



Part 4 – We close our online course with a step by step guide to Video Meeting and Video Marketing and how to use storytelling and story structure to help you promote your business:


I hope you found the recording of this webinar and content helpful, look back at your notes and start to select the few options that will make a difference to your business this year.

If you think that you and your team will benefit from my 1-Day Video Marketing and YouTube Workshop, simply get in touch and together we will answer the question: How can we use video marketing to improve our sales and marketing results?

Tools Tactics & Templates - Pascal Fintoni - Video Marketing And YouTube Bootcamp

Feel free to send me your suggestions in terms of your most important and pressing challenges to, always happy to help. Pascal

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