WISHLIST MEMBER – How To Launch A Community With Member-Only Content

WISHLIST MEMBER – How To Launch A Community With Member-Only Content

Episode 10 – WISHLIST MEMBER – How To Launch A Community With Member-Only Content with Tracy Childers.

Providing a unique online experience to your clients and prospects is becoming increasingly important, a membership site can be the right option.

I am joined by Co-Founder and President of WishList Products Tracy Childers for a fascinating conversation about managing online communities and the WishList Member solution for WordPress:

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[00:20] Introducing Tracy Childers and reflections on the impact of the pandemic on his business with an international team and entrepreneurs in general.

[04:25] The importance of human connections and how technology can hinder or stimulate meaningful interactions as well as facilitate working from home.

[09:15] The origin of the WishList Member product and how Tracy and his colleagues identified a need and a challenge that required a simple solution for WordPress.

[19:30] A detailed demonstration and tour of WishList Member with features such as membership levels, integration with payment or mailing service providers, registration forms, controlling access to content, email list management, links with learning management systems or Response Suite and so much more!

[47:40] Final thoughts and advice on managing an online community and running a membership site: be willing to execute + content, content, content + be yourself.

About Tracy Childers

Tracy Childers Co-Founder and President of WishList Products on Battle of the Apps with Pascal Fintoni

Tracy Childers is the Co-Founder and President of WishList Products providing easy to use tools and training to create more impact with membership sites, online courses, and communities.

WishList Member is their flagship WordPress plugin that helps online business owners generate monthly recurring revenue by making it simple to sell digital products, online courses and monthly memberships using a single piece of software.

WishList Products Official Website

WishList Member Official Website

WishList Member Blog

WishList Member on YouTube

Tracy Childers on Linkedin

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