Transform Your Social Media With The Right Marketing Strategy

Transform Your Social Media With The Right Marketing Strategy

Episode 24: How To Transform Your Social Media With The Right Marketing Strategy with Sally Parker.

In this episode, we speak to communications and social media consultant Sally Parker  from Pick & Mix Marketing about the immense benefits of designing a strategy, the 6 stages to create your own digital marketing ‘itinerary’, and… selling 400 turkeys in 8 weeks, her love of Yorkshire tea and much more!

During the interview, we ask Sally to share her advice and suggestions on:

  • Why you should keep your marketing strategy simple, flexible, changeable and jargon free
  • How the term ‘strategy’ may get in the way and can give the impression that the process is more laborious or challenging that it really is
  • Why the right strategy can help you communicate the right message in the most professional manner
  • Why you should consider and use your strategy as an itinerary about your business journey and destination
  • Why you should not let your perceived lack of ICT and computer skills limit your ambitions when it comes to your digital marketing strategy
  • Why social media marketing is informed by the content of the marketing strategy and not the other way around
  • How to best monitor the competition so that you can make better decisions about your social media channels and content
  • Why the quality of interaction with your followers is more important to you than the number of followers
  • How to be clearer about your own milestones, achievements and positioning within your industry and professional network
  • Which marketing mix work well together: email + social media + PR ; SMS + social media ; WOM + social media
  • What content type and format is best suited for each of the most famous social media platform

The Six Strategy Design Stages recommended by Sally Parker:

  1. Assessing Your Current Situation which will include your customers’ online behaviour, your competitors’ activities, your current marketing performance and overall match to your business plan
  2. Establishing Your Objectives by profiling your current and future audience, identifying your short/mid/long term milestones as well as what makes you unique
  3. Identifying Your Channels best suited to communicate with your customers from website to social media and multimedia content
  4. Creating Your Marketing Plan to schedule the range of activities across the identified channels
  5. Allocating Activities to individuals from internal and external teams together with training requirements, systems and processes to facilitate implementation
  6. Measuring and Monitoring your success with the right matrix and report formats to make wise decisions on how to improve

Key resources mentioned by Sally Parker in this episode:

  • hootsuite / the social media management tool favoured by Sally, in particular their listening streams function to keep up with topical conversations
  • canva / the ever popular photo editing and graphic design platform for your website, blog headers and social media content
  • boomerang / the creative app from Instagram to help you create animated video clips that play back and forth
  • giphy / another app to help you create animated images with text which are increasingly visible on social media
  • camtasia / video editing software used by Sally to record and create her video tutorials
  • screenflow / alternative to camtasia suggested by Pascal
  • quik / powtoon / biteable / rawshorts / alternative photos and 2d cartoons editing software suggested by Leon
  • wordpress / the preferred website solution for Sally with the welcome addition of the SEO plug-in
  • google analytics / facebook insights / twitter analytics / the essential monitoring tools to be added to your digital marketing measurement toolkit

About Sally Parker

Sally Parker from Pick and Mix Marketing on The Content Marketing Studio Show

After working in Advertising Sales for 9 years, Sally launched Pick & Mix Marketing her dedicated agency specialising in social media strategy, management and training. She is both a student and a practitioner of digital marketing with a great combination of marketing qualifications and practical experiences. Sally enjoys making a difference to her clients, from training businesses on how to use social media to writing content to debating the best way forward with a marketing strategy.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this interview, feel free to get in touch with Sally on:

pick & mix marketing official website

Thank you for watching and listening!

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