The Power Of Narrative Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

The Power Of Narrative Podcasting and Audio Storytelling

Episode 62 – The Power Of Narrative Podcasting and Audio Storytelling with Nash Mayuela.

This is a brilliant addition to our series on podcasting, I am joined by creative director and consultant Nash Mayuela, she is the founder of Podcastmate a podcast media production company for iconic brands and market leaders.

In this episode Nash Mayuela and I talk about:

  • how she discovered her passion for podcasting and audio production
  • her journey from podcast consumer to podcast creator and the launch of Podcastmate
  • being creative and innovative via Podcastmate Radio and her two series (Diaries & Amplify)
  • her definition of a branded podcast, what it is and what it is not
  • why narrative podcast is unique and delivers that immersive experience, transporting listeners to a different place or time
  • how she helps her clients come up with podcast ideas by connecting with their values and the positive impact they want to make in the world
  • the steps she goes through for her clients during recording, post-production and publication
  • the importance of repurposing and why you should have clarity on your distribution strategies
  • how she feels about the future of podcasting and what she is particularly looking forward to
  • and so much more!

And we close our conversation with a fun quiz ūüėČ

About Nash Mayuela

The Content Marketing Studio - Nash Mayuela talking about The Power Of Narrative Podcasting and Audio Storytelling with Pascal Fintoni

Nash is an experienced business development and content production professional always looking at new and innovative ways to engage audiences. Her keen interest in SaaS products and immersive content experiences led to the launch of Podcastmate, the podcast media production company specialising in branded and narrative podcasting for businesses or individuals not afraid to make a bold move or test radical ideas.

Podcastmate official website

Nash Mayuela on Linkedin

Podcastmate on Facebook

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