The Art Of Personal Branding And Visual Storytelling

The Art Of Personal Branding And Visual Storytelling

Episode 58 – The Art Of Personal Branding And Visual Storytelling with Laura Pearman.

As a content creator, we want our work to vastly increase our visibility and taking care of our online image is a key consideration.

I am joined by personal branding photographer and brand strategist Laura Pearman to explore how you can be your most important marketing asset:

In this episode Laura Pearman and I talk about:

  • what she means by career defining photography and how she adapted her services during lockdown by listening to her clients
  • being a micro-influencer in your chosen market and how to build your confidence and self-belief as a personal brand
  • how the evolution of content on print media, TV and social media has ‘normalised’ the inclusion of the human elements of your business
  • the best way to construct your personal brand using 5 themes and being clear about what you will exclude from your communication efforts
  • her work as personal branding photographer and how she manages projects, plus lots of practical advice
  • using locations to add impact to your still photography and being imaginative about your visual storytelling
  • how she came up with the idea for Mwah TV and how she produces the video content from start to finish
  • how video series created in collaboration with others can help you tell more stories in a more engaging way
  • why visual storytelling is available to all businesses as a content marketing tactic, the key is to have clear themes and briefs
  • and so much more!

About Laura Pearman

Laura Pearman personal branding photographer and brand manager on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Laura Pearman is a professional photographer and brand strategist, a public speaker, a blogger, she is also the creator #LoveYaSelfies and the host and producer of Mwah TV YouTube Channel. Laura creates career-defining photography for ambitious business owners, influencers and professional speakers all over the world.

Laura wants to help you show the world your unique brilliance. She feels privileged to capture real people with their own take on ambition and success and she loves how different every single one of her beautiful clients is.

Laura Pearman Official Website

Mwah TV with Laura Pearman

Laura Pearman on Linkedin

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Laura Pearman on Twitter

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