Spotlight on Facebook, Meta’s Threads, social messaging and Barbie’s social media campaign – SMN

Spotlight on Facebook, Meta’s Threads, social messaging and Barbie’s social media campaign – SMN

Welcome to another recording of the Social Media Newsroom and join Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni for the latest updates, rants and raves about your favourite social networks.

We have a brand new format, four segments packed full with news, tech and ideas for your next social media campaign:


➡️ You can listen to the whole conversation or fast-forward to your preferred segment:

🔎 [03:17] Part 1 – Spotlight on: FACEBOOK

A deep dive and swift recap on the new developments you should know about, including announcements from Meta Conversations (new messaging features), Meta Connect (new AI capabilities), also watch out for Multiple Personal Profiles and Meta Verified Business Rollout.

💻 [42:44] Part 2 – The ONE tech or tactic to try out

Pascal’s recommendation:

Tactic – review and change your pinned posts regularly, in fact schedule them in advance as part of your content planning activities.

Tech the ultimate file converter, repairer and compressor platform for all content creators out there!

Natalie’s recommendation:

Tactic – audit your current messaging systems – if possible, get them mystery shopped!

Best practice resource (from Meta) –

👍👎 [47:02] Part 3 – Important/Not Important

Pascal presents news/announcements from social media platforms and asks Natalie to react by stating ‘important’ or ‘not important’.

Included in this episode: Meta’s Threads, TikTok advertising, Pinterest’s physical store, time spent on LinkedIn, Instagram new privacy feature, The European Union’s Digital Services Act, X Premium.

🎬 [56:55] Part 4 – Film Marketing – Social Media Special: Barbie The Movie

We look back at the social media marketing campaign of one of the 2023 summer blockbusters, and select the most inspirational activities from smart accounts design to IMAX selfie campaign, character posters, resources for watch parties, repurposing of comments, and so much more!

#BarbieTheMovie / #BarbieTheAlbum / #BarbieIMAXSelfie / #BarbieWatchParty

Thank you very much for watching and listening to this recording of the Social Media News Room with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

Have we missed anything? Let us know if you are aware of changes and updates we should have mentioned.

And what film should we include in our next Film Marketing – Social Media Special review?

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