Social Media News Round Up – March 2022

Social Media News Round Up – March 2022

Social Media News Round Up – March 2022 with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

We are back with more news, reviews, rants and raves about your favourite social media platforms in a special episode looking at the very latest changes:

You can listen to the whole conversation or fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[01:20] Linkedin Update: we react to the Wall Street Journal interview with its CEO Ryan Roslansky and plans for no-politics settings, live audio and video events, the creator mode, the 30-second intro video, opting out of InMails, LinkedIn podcasts and so much more!

[14:00] Instagram Update: a brief summary about the latest update to the algorithm and how Instagram is taking into consideration the popularity of your overall account not just a single post. It is all about consistency.

[20:00] Facebook Update: the platform is looking at video again, 60-second Reels are coming to the Big Blue with the option to remix your content. We can expect more features for creators too and better ways to discover the right video content for you.

[26:15] Twitter Update: more rumours about live audio and podcasting, the potential to decentralise the network and the creation of country specific services.

[30:25] Pinterest Update: a look at the Pinterest Presents annual event, the immersive hour long conference with fast-paced 8-10 minutes sessions to keep you inspired about taking your visual marketing to the next level!

[36:40] Latest News Highlights: skills shortage in marketing and the fastest growing digital occupations, Tik-Tok extending video length time to 10 minutes, QR codes are back and here to stay, Marks & Spencer are launching their own live shopping channel.

[48:15] The Social Content Of The Month: Techscape: What To Expect From The Online Safety Bill by Dan Milmo for The Guardian:

[52:20] The Social Media Tactic Of The Month: check where social media activities fit with your other business objectives and review the performance of your campaigns – do you need to step back or just focus on what is working for now?

[55:10] The Social Media Tool Of The Month: manage your remote team and keep the connection alive with, plus you can track your time and make sure you are not spending too much on social media!

[59:30] The Content Creation Tool Of The Month: get yourself a great microphone to sound great and more credible, the Rode NT-USB Mini for your laptop and the Rode Videomic Go II for your smartphone

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Have we missed anything? Let us know if you are aware of changes and updates we should have mentioned.

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