Social Media News Round Up – February March 2020

Social Media News Round Up – February March 2020

Social Media News Round Up – February March 2020 with Leon Howe and Natalie Eminae.

We are back to talk about new Linkedin features, Twitter trying out Stories, Facebook Messenger relaunch, the rise of Tik Tok, and our suggestions for the news article, tactic and tool of the month!

[00:02:00] Our Social Media Wishes for 2020: we discuss what we would like to see change on social media platforms to make them more accessible to busy entrepreneurs out there.

[00:06:10] Linkedin Updates: new features are on their way with Stories to begin with, then Elevate to help teams curate and share relevant, and we are still waiting for the roll-out of Linkedin Live.

[00:23:15] Twitter Updates: we have all seen the recent changes to the Twitter newsfeed layout, more design revamp expected including the potential inclusion of Stories with the acquisition of Chroma Labs. We ask ourselves the question ‘what is happening with Twitter Live Video and Twitter Live Radio’?

[00:33:15] Facebook Updates: we talk about the relaunch of Facebook Messenger on iOS and the need to cater for both poor and good connectivity to provide a seamless service. Is digital customer care the real future of social media?

[00:42:40] Tik Tok Updates: we exchange views on the meteoric rise of the uniquely interactive platform and whether any lessons can be learned from the 800 Million active monthly users and the creative community behind the content.

[00:50:50] Leon’s Find Of The Month: OFCOM could be given new powers to make social media platforms and others responsible for protecting people from harmful content. You can read more about it in this BBC article and The Telegraph.

[00:57:00] Social Media Tactic Of The Month: introduce messaging as part of your long term plan and begin by encouraging longer conversations by posting messages that prompt replies.

[00:59:55] Social Media Tool Of The Month: try out the official Facebook Pages app for mobile phones to work more efficiently.

[00:42:40] Content Creation Tool Of The Month: we had to give QUIK the video editing app from GoPro another shout out.

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