Social Media News Round Up – February 2021

Social Media News Round Up – February 2021

Social Media News Round Up – February 2021 with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

We are back with more news, reviews, rants and raves about your favourite social media platforms in a special episode hosted by We Are UMi:

You can listen to the whole conversation or fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[02:55] Facebook is launching Facebook News, the Instagram shopping experience is expanded further, Rooms get a promotional push, Facebook Live is still key and a lot more is revealed about the Facebook Algorithm and the importance of creating meaningful content (do not miss the summary from Natalie!)

Original Facebook article:

[26:40] WhatsApp is becoming a firm favourite for individuals as well as brands but the platform is tackling some essential data privacy issues.

[33:33] Twitter continues to look for that breakthrough to success as a social network, could it come from their recent acquisition of an email marketing service? For now, we can look forward to better content and identity verification features and experimenting with Twitter Fleets (Stories).

[45:35] Pinterest have released their predictions for 2021, all 150 of them! Happily, the information is organised in sectors and themes to make it easier for you to review.

Also, we are seeing more B2B activity on Pinterest too!

[52:18] LinkedIn has had a record year in 2020 with greater engagement and more active accounts than ever before. LinkedIn Stories, LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live are still underused features, perhaps we will see more inspiring examples in 2021.

[59:15] Social Media Content of the month: Official Twitter Business Content Planner, a really practical and inspiring guide and year diary to come up with even better tweets!

[01:08:12] Social Content Creation App of the month: , an impressive live streaming platform to help you produce highly interactive live sessions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and custom destinations.

[01:10:35] Social Media Tactic of the month: Plan, Plan, Plan. But not just your social media marketing activities, your creative and reflective time away from the computer too. So important when working from home.

[01:15:42] Social Media App of the month: Pocket Coach the perfect digital companion to make sure you make time to recharge and your day is full of regular enjoyable breaks.

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