Social Media News Round Up – February 2018

Social Media News Round Up – February 2018

Episode 31: Social Media News Round Up – February 2018 Updates with Natalie Eminae.

And we are back for more updates, insights and tips to help you get more value from your social media activities:

[00:01:40] Twitter Update with the rolling-out of the accounts verification, yes that blue tick, and Natalie shares how she has used the new 280 character count to increase visibility for her clients.

[00:11:00] Linkedin Update with their move towards industry news style content and daily roundups, and Nathalie shares the results of her video marketing experiment to engage her audience.

[00:20:50] Instagram Update with the ability to schedule your posts from your Business Page and how to take advantage of this new feature.

[00:32:20] Facebook Update and their attempts to overcome recent negative press about fake news, impact on users well-being, 24% drop in time spent by account holders.

[00:34:45] Impromptu Facebook tutorial by Nathalie, simply inspiring!

 [00:43:45] Strategy of the Month: take advantage of the extra character count on Twitter (280) to add a few more carefully targeted hashtags and get more visibility.

[00:44:30] Social App of the Month:

[00:46:15] Leon’s Find of the Month: Twitter making a profit for the first time in their 12 years of operations.

[00:48:40] Pascal’s Social Media Creator of the Month: Chris Ducker who has created an inspirational body of work as a blogger, podcaster, video marketer, membership manager and book author with his second best seller Rise Of The Youpreneur.

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About Natalie Eminae

Photo of Natalie Eminae from Ococo Media on the Content Marketing Studio Show

Natalie Eminae is the owner of Ococo Media and she specialises in helping small businesses achieve more through their social media channels. Keeping everything jargon-free, Natalie and her team can take care of many aspects of your digital marketing activities from content creation to content promotion including social media advertising.

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this episode, feel free to contact Natalie Eminae on: the official website for contacting Natalie Eminae

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