Social Media News Round Up – April 2022

Social Media News Round Up – April 2022

Social Media News Round Up – April 2022 with Natalie Eminae and Pascal Fintoni.

We are back with more news, reviews, rants and raves about your favourite social media platforms to find out how to adapt your online activities:

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[01:30] Twitter Update: we react to the news that Elon Musk has become the major shareholder, the push for Twitter Communities, the testing of long form content, new advertising formats, the roll-out of Twitter for Professionals accounts, 

[13:45] Instagram Update: parent company Meta is launching an improved parental control feature including activity alerts, a better user experience with the introduction of ‘favourites’ and ‘following’, new messaging and sharing options, watch out for the Instagram Creator Lab Resources.

[20:20] Meta Update: no F8 annual conference this year but instead we have the ‘Conversations’ conference focused on the future of customer communication and business messaging 

[25:05] LinkedIn Update: the Marketing Summit has taken place with surprising themes, the potential ‘greenwashing’ trap, the publication of more resources to advertise and build meaningful relationships and the LinkedIn Creator Profile 

[35:15] Pinterest Update: a reminder about the Pinterest Presents annual event, the immersive hour long conference with fast-paced 8-10 minutes sessions to keep you inspired about taking your visual marketing to the next level!

[36:40] Latest News Highlights: Snapchat announced their 2022 Partner Summit taking place on April 28th and the new YouTube Link Stickers, Meta Launched ‘Share to Reels’ option, TikTok has partnered with InstaCart to create ‘Shoppable Recipes, YouTube revealed five new live streaming features, the 6-second Marmite’s “Flippin’ Tasty” Pancake Day social media ad was in the top 10% of all UK ads!

[43:00] The Social Content Of The Month: The Instagram Small Business How To Guide

[44:20] The Social Media Tactic Of The Month: understand fully the purchase cycle of your ideal customers, whether it is a product or a service, what is the length of time between information and decision? Then plan the social media content accordingly.

[48:35] The Social Media Tool Of The Month: improve your focus, productivity and creativity with the right background music with

[50:05] The Content Creation Tool Of The Month: Add audience contribution to your live streaming with audio messages from Speak Pipe and video messages from Thread It 

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