Social Media Marketing News Round Up – May 2017

Social Media Marketing News Round Up – May 2017

Episode 12: Social Media Marketing News Round Up with Natalie Eminae.

In this episode, what began as a review of the latest updates in the world of social media quickly became an animated debate about the responsibility of community managers and the impact on people’s well-being and sense of self-worth.

You can watch the replay below, enjoy!

In this episode we explore the following topics:

[00:02:05] Facebook Update begins with a discussion on the issue of accountability for content posted by followers and others

[00:09:20] Facebook newest feature: new job role posting to advertise your vacancies

[00:11:05] Could Facebook become too complex to use for busy entrepreneurs and business owners?

[00:17:33] Facebook rumoured to be working in partnership with BuzzFeed and Vox as they prepare to provide original video content to their audience à la Netflix. What does it mean for video advertising?

[00:25:40] Facebook rolling out options to change the layout of your Facebook page including changing the position of your plugins and apps.

[00:33:25] Social media identified as a source of low self-esteem and higher levels of loneliness by the media and support groups. What will be the future impact on our digital marketing activities?

Key resources mentioned or inspired by this episode:

About Natalie Eminae

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Natalie Eminae is the owner of Ococo Media and she specialises in helping small businesses achieve more through their social media channels. Keeping everything jargon-free Natalie and her team can take care of many aspects of your digital marketing activities from content creation to content promotion including social media advertising.

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