Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 2 with Debra Caldow from Journey Skills

Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 2 with Debra Caldow from Journey Skills

Episode 52 – Rethinking Web Accessibility: Part 2 with Debra Caldow from Journey Skills

Another great conversation to help us reflect on what we mean by website accessibility and what we can do to create content for a more diverse audience.

I am joined by business owner, trainer and podcaster Debra Caldow, the host of Journey Skills to talk about neurodiversity:

In this episode Debra Caldow and I talk about:

  • launching her podcast ‘Journey Skills’ and the inspiration for the content and guests she enjoys talking to
  • her personal experience with additional needs and neurodiversity and how her daughter has been the inspiration for wanting to help others
  • how she identified a gap in topics such as daily living, adulthood, work, relationship and other long-term practical issues
  • the way technology could become an enabler and provide additional support for young people with additional needs
  • the potential challenges of an online information first society and the popularity of social media
  • areas where we could be more attentive to the needs of others and adapting our content creation process accordingly
  • the positive impact of talking to individuals with additional needs on her podcast and the lessons for all of us about really understanding our audience
  • the importance of connecting and sharing with others so that you learn more and build the right network of contacts
  • reasonable adjustments and why very often the solutions to support an individual with additional needs are extremely simple
  • and so much more!

About Debra Caldow

Debra Caldow from Journey Skills and Red Giraffe Property on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Debra Caldow is the Co-Founder of The Red Giraffe Solutions delivering specialist training, she is also the Marketing Director of Red Giraffe Property whose goal is to provide independent living accommodation for young adults with additional needs.

Debra is also the host of the JourneySkills podcast where she shares stories and solutions from professionals and parents around the world who are helping change the futures of young people with additional needs.

The Journey Skills Official Website

The Journey Skills Podcast

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Red Giraffe Property Official Website

Debra Caldow on Linkedin

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