Rediscover Powerpoint and Create Better Presentations Faster

Rediscover Powerpoint and Create Better Presentations Faster

Episode 61 – Rediscover Powerpoint and Create Better Presentations Faster with Fiona Walsh.

If like me you are always looking at new ways to keep your audience engaged, forever reflecting on the impact and appeal of your presentation slides then this conversation is for you!

I am joined by Powerpoint consultant trainer, Fiona Walsh, the founder of Imagine Coaching who is on a mission to help businesses present better:

In this episode Fiona Walsh and I talk about:

  • how she discovered a passion for training and helping others and how she got the inspiration to start her coaching business
  • why she still finds Microsoft Powerpoint such a fascinating tool to this day
  • the best way to start building your presentation and why it is essential to understand the following key elements:
    • Audience – Context – Purpose – Outcome
  • why first impressions still matter and the quick wins from alignment of images, removing bullet points and editing content out of your presentation
  • the difference in design style, screen size, contrast, the use of images and copy between in-person and virtual presentations
  • the importance of removing distractions such as too much text, annoying transitions and animations and no clipart graphics please!
  • how to make your life easier as a content creator and add value for your audience by using the following techniques correctly:
    • reusing slides and/or resetting slides, using slide master
    • removing background from images, resetting and aligning pictures
    • formatting shapes, using the eye drop tool for colours
    • taking full advantage of the Microsoft 365 version of Powerpoint
    • adding action buttons to move to different parts of your presentation
    • including interactive polls and quizzes for your audience
    • looking into the live transcription and translation on the 365 version
    • using screen video capture and saving your presentation as a movie
  • and so much more!

Tools mentioned by Fiona Walsh:

  • for live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more to get real-time input
  • for capturing powerful feedback instantly during virtual meetings, classes, events, and more.
  • and for copyright free photography (do not forget the Powerpoint add-in)
  • features the most diverse collection of icons and stock photos.
  • to record and share video messages of your screen, cam, or both.
  •  a screen/webcam recorder and video editor all in one.

About Fiona Walsh

Fiona Walsh Powerpoint Consultant and founder of Imagine Coaching on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Fiona Walsh is a Powerpoint consultant offering PowerPoint training and design service for entrepreneurs and corporate professionals. She is a Microsoft Master Instructor and can help you rediscover Powerpoint and create better presentations faster which will have the desired outcome for your audience.

Fiona launched her business Imagine Coaching in October 2019 and has been busy ever since providing group training sessions and can tailor 1-2-1 training for you using one of your presentations. Here is a short introductory message:

Imagine Coaching Official Website

Fiona Walsh on Linkedin

Fiona Walsh on Twitter

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