Meet The Podcasters: Beth Hewitt Host of the Visualise You Podcast

Meet The Podcasters: Beth Hewitt Host of the Visualise You Podcast

Episode 43 – Meet The Podcasters: Beth Hewitt Host of the Visualise You Podcast series.

This new season of The Content Marketing Studio continues to explore ways to create better online content faster, in particular podcasting.

I am joined by business coach and speaker Beth Hewitt, the founder and director of Visualise You and host of the podcast show of the same name:

In this episode Beth Hewitt and I talk about:

  • how she approached discovering the identity and structure of the business as well as the podcast series
  • her blog she started in 2009 and how the community she built over time has been a great source of inspiration for the podcast
  • the pre-launch activities and how she went about the design of the podcast taking advantage of an accelerator programme
  • the importance of belonging to a group of like-minded creators and podcast producers
  • the decision making process she went through for the podcast name, artwork, etc. and got the community involved to support the launch
  • how she wrote a briefing document that captured the values, vision and how she wanted her listeners and herself to feel
  • the kit she uses from physical to digital to plan, record, edit and publish the podcast episodes (some real surprises in there!)
  • how she created her trailer, the intro and outro for the episodes and the music track she chose for the show
  • what it was like to record her very first episode and how she dealt with nerves and the benefits of batch recording your episodes
  • how she is currently marketing her episodes using her network and some really neat apps
  • the importance of using a ‘guest prep and promo pack’ and taking good care of your podcast guests to encourage promotion on their side
  • the surprise success of podcast sponsorship and affiliate links
  • how she helps her clients use visualisation to find the confidence to pivot in their careers and start a business
  • and so much more!

About Beth Hewitt

Beth Hewitt Host of the Visualise You Podcast Series on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Beth Hewitt is the founder and director of Visualise You, offering online training courses and coaching sessions to help you pivot, package, promote and profit from your skills and talent. She can help your personality show up to serve your true soul’s purpose, Beth will give you the tools to visually create your best life, by first getting clear on your vision and then helping you to put the steps in place to make it your reality.

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