Meet The Podcasters: Ashleigh King Host of Nurture Your Zest

Meet The Podcasters: Ashleigh King Host of Nurture Your Zest

Episode 54 – Meet The Podcasters: Ashleigh King Host of Nurture Your Zest audio series.

We continue to explore how you can build your online brand and your audience using podcasting.

I am joined by online marketing consultant and podcast executive producer Ashleigh King for a behind-the-scenes look at her show:

In this episode Ashleigh King and I talk about:

  • the impact of the global pandemic on her business and how she adapted her services to be online
  • how she has embraced her hyperactivity and constant imagination to successfully manage several projects
  • why she adopted the term ‘executive producer’ and the benefits of playing to your strengths when it comes to content creation
  • how she started as a podcaster and the many influences from her childhood, family and personal events that shaped her vision
  • the importance of spending time to connect with others and networking so that you can build your production team with like-minded people
  • her podcast production process before the pandemic at her dedicated studio and how she is recording her episodes remotely right now
  • how she looks after her guests and uses their contribution to make the podcast show stand out
  • why she started livestreaming and how being live with an audience has added an interesting dimension to her interviews
  • looking at your analytics and using the data to inform the content of your podcast episodes as well as your marketing activities
  • the promotion of the episodes of Nurture Your Zest and lessons she has learned along the way including the importance of a press pack
  • her plans for the future for the podcast series and the evolution of her brand including a dedicated studio, merchandise and an even greater online experience
  • and so much more!

About Ashleigh King

Meet The Podcasters - Ashleigh King Host of Nurture Your Zest on the Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Ashleigh King is the founder of Days Like This Are Sweet creative consultancy, the host and executive producer of Nurture Your Zest and TEDx Newcastle University. She is also a coach and trainer for other professionals and brands who want to build their online reputation using podcasting. With over 15 years of experience in Corporate Communications and Events, Ashleigh can empower entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses to position themselves as thought leaders.

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