Meet The Book Authors: Roger Edwards – ‘Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans’

Meet The Book Authors: Roger Edwards – ‘Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans’

Episode 59 – Meet The Book Authors: Roger Edwards – ‘Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans’.

Still thinking about writing your first book to build your brand and authority in your sector?

I am joined by marketing strategist and content producer Roger Edwards who recently became a published author:

In this episode Roger Edwards and I talk about:

  • his interest and passion for writing and expressing in his own words what he observed from the world of marketing
  • the ‘moment’ he realised that capturing his ideas and stories in a book format was a project worth exploring further
  • how the reactions to his ‘Cat On The Mat’ story from audiences at events were also the catalyst to transfer his knowledge into a book
  • the many ways he kept himself motivated and the benefits of taking breaks from the project
  • the importance of trying different methods to capture your ideas from jotting ideas on a notepad to dictating on your phone
  • the transition from working on his own to bringing a team with specific roles:
    • developmental editor
    • proof reader
    • graphic designer
  • how he came up with the structure of the book as well as its cover and artwork
  • the various printing and publishing options available to book authors
  • the key lessons contained in the book and the many issues or shortcomings of the majority of marketing strategies
  • Roger’s advice on why it is essential to keep marketing simple and cut out the complexity and BS from your sales and marketing activities
  • And so much more!

About Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards Author of Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

Roger Edwards is a marketing consultant and international speaker on a mission to keep marketing simple and cut the complexity from your marketing strategy. He is a video and podcast series producer and now the author of ‘Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans’ a highly practical guide to creating and implementing a no-nonsense marketing campaign.

Roger Edwards Marketing Official Website

Cats, Mats and Marketing Plans on Amazon

Roger Edwards on Linkedin

Roger Edwards on Twitter

Roger Edwards on YouTube

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