MARKETING TECH & APPS – The Best Of Two Geeks And Marketing Podcast #3

MARKETING TECH & APPS – The Best Of Two Geeks And Marketing Podcast #3

Episode 7 – MARKETING TECH & APPS – The Best Of Two Geeks And Marketing Podcast #3 with Roger Edwards and Pascal Fintoni.

More extracts from the Two Geeks And A Marketing Podcast series repurposed for Battle Of The Apps.

My co-host Roger Edwards and I look at another 12 web and mobile apps that can make life easier as a content creator:

You can watch this episode from to start to finish or you can fast-forward to your preferred segment:

[00:22] Best Of… Episode 7




Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba:

Vlog It by Filmora:

[10:00] Best Of… Episode 8


Pablo by Buffer, social media visuals creator 

Visme, infographics and visual stories creator 


Epidemic Sound – music and sound effects for your productions 

Unsplash – royalty free photos. Https:// 

[19:15] Best Of… Episode 9


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: 

Skiplagged – Travel Planning: 


Microsoft Word (365 or One Drive) AI Powered Dictation and Transcription: 

Microsoft Powerpoint (365 or One Drive) AI Powered Subtitling and Translation during live presentation:


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Rogers Edwards and Pascal Fintoni from Two Geeks And A Marketing Podcast on Battle of the Apps - Best Of

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