Lessons From A Content Marketer And Public Speaker

Lessons From A Content Marketer And Public Speaker

Episode 37 – Lessons From A Content Marketer And Public with Roger Edwards

We are joined for the second time by marketing expert Roger Edwards and the three of us reflect on what progress, if any, has been made across industries when it comes to content marketing and personal branding.

In this episode, we ask Roger to share his thoughts and views on:

  • Why content marketing isn’t as widespread as we think, and some companies may be doing it by accident
  • Why most marketers take an academic approach to it but haven’t learned about content marketing and assume it’s a gimmick
  • For a lot of businesses, particularly in traditional industries, social media is just another promotion and advertising channel
  • What content marketing really is:
    • A way of engaging and having a two-way conversation, to provide useful, educational and entertaining information to build relationships with customers
  • Why there’s a perception today that marketing is just about communication, and how social media ‘gurus’ fuel that
  • Why you need to know who your customers are and what problems they have so you can offer the best solution
  • Understanding that so much mediocre content online leads to ‘content shock’, and knowing how to overcome it
  • Why in some industries creativity is so low you don’t have to do much to produce content and stand out
  • Why an intimate knowledge of customer problems will give you an insight into the type of content you need to produce to get noticed
  • How understanding your customer’s preference on types of content they like to consume helps you choose the best medium to use
  • Why you need to understand that content marketing is a long game, and building up meaningful customer relationships takes time
  • Realising that if your content upsets people or jars with them, you haven’t understood who they are and what they want
  • Why traditional marketing is tactical and content marketing is strategic, and why strategies work better if you’re prepared to stick at them

Key resources mentioned by Roger Edwards in this episode

About Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards From Roger Edwards Marketing On The Content Marketing Studio Show

An experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their marketing strategy, content, and social media, Roger clocked up many years in the ‘big corporate’ world as marketing director of several UK financial services brands before getting out of all that and starting his own consultancy.

He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing engaging campaigns and is known as a prolific content creator, podcaster, and an international keynote speaker.

He’s the host of the popular Marketing & Finance Podcast. As a qualified exercise class and yoga teacher Roger’s also been known to ask his clients to take off their ties, put on their trainers, taking their fitness, as well as their marketing, to the next level.

If you have any more questions for Roger Edwards, feel free to contact him on:

Roger Edwards Official Website

His Marketing and Finance podcast and his vlog RogVlog on YouTube

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