How To Work With A Graphic Designer and Get That eBook Published!

How To Work With A Graphic Designer and Get That eBook Published!

Episode 28 – How To Work With A Graphic Designer and Get That eBook Published with Claire Jenks.

We talk to Graphic Designer and Creative Artworker Claire Jenks about finding and appointing the perfect creative partner for your business, what to consider when building your visual identity and how to plan and publish your next ebook:

During the interview, we ask Claire to share her views and advice on:

  • Why it can be a challenge for business owners to find the right graphic designer for their projects
  • How to work with a creative professional to get the best results from the working relationship
  • What the many benefits can be when bringing a graphic designer onboard for your ebooks and downloads
  • Why you should have a process to appoint the right partner and what those steps should be
  • Why recommendations are sometimes not quite enough to appoint the right graphic designer for you
  • The kind of questions you should be asking when you meet your potential creative partner for the first time
  • What should be included in a design brief to get the right ebook produced for your website such as:
    • business overview and brand values
    • descriptions and examples of finished product
    • content and visuals you already have
    • deadline and key milestones important to you
    • goals and expected results once ebook is live
  • How Claire would approach working with a new client with a case study from a recent project

Key resources mentioned by Claire Jenks in this episode:

  • pexels / pixabay / copyright-free photo sharing websites for your content creation and social media activities, no fees but donations are welcome
  • adobe stock / an addition to your photo and visual toolkit, fee-based service from Adobe
  • toggl / Claire’s favourite app for keeping track and reviewing the time spent on projects and other activities
  • planoly / easy to use app to help plan, position and schedule your Instagram posts

About Claire Jenks

Claire Jenks Graphic Designer on The Content Marketing Studio Show

Claire Jenks is a graphic designer specialising in brand identity and content creation. Based in the North East of England, Claire can help you understand your brand and become more confident in publishing material on and offline by providing you with a bucket load of information, lots of actionable tips and tactics, and of course her graphic design service!

If you would like more information on what was discussed in this interview, feel free to get in touch with Claire on: official website


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