How To Use Content Repurposing And Get More Results

How To Use Content Repurposing And Get More Results

Episode 32 – How To Use Content Repurposing And Get More Results with Amy Woods from Content 10X.

In this interview, we talk about content creation and repurposing so that busy business owners and marketers can make 2018 their best year yet.

During our discussion, we ask Amy to share her advice and suggestions on:

  • why content creation and repurposing is linked to your online reputation and credibility
  • how trying to be everywhere or do everything leads to being overwhelmed and then inaction
  • why taking action and being focused on a few tactics is always better than listening to too many ‘experts’
  • the various different ways that someone could repurpose video content, written content or podcast episodes
  • how to get the maximum value from the content being created and avoid falling for the ‘quantity’ trap
  • why you should approach your content as a collection of thoughts and ideas which will logically be repurposed
  • why repurposing your content will allow you to reach a wider audience with different preferences
  • why the best starting point for content creation and repurposing can be live video on social media
  • how you can repurpose your video series into the following formats:
    • podcast episodes, blog posts, quote images, infographics, slideshare presentations, clips on social media
  • how you can repurpose your blog posts into the following content:
    • infographics, animated slideshows, social media quote images, teaser video
  • how content repurposing increased the audience for a podcast series by 60%:
    • show notes, quote images, social media images, blog post, animated visuals, 30 seconds video trailer, infographics, GIFs, e-newsletter highlights
  • how to use the Frequently Asked Questions angle as a starting point for your content marketing
  • why you should review your back catalogue of content when thinking about repurposing

Key resources mentioned by Amy Woods in this episode:

  • trello / asana / basecamp / planning and project management platforms for your content repurposing activities
  • canva / picmonkey / photo editing and graphics making apps
  • iMovie / video editing tool for iphone and mac users
  • lumen5 / video creation platform to convert your blog article into animated slideshows
  • wavve / convert your audio into simple video animation to share on social media
  • obs studio / belive / ecamm / crowdcast / tools to improve the quality of your live video production

About Amy Woods

Episode 32 - Amy Woods from Content 10x on the Content Marketing Studio Show

Amy Woods is a digital entrepreneur, expert in content repurposing, podcaster and founder of Content 10x – where she helps online content creators grow their audience by maximising their return on every piece of content that they create.

If you have more questions for Amy Woods, feel free to contact her on:

content 10x official website

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