How To Think Beyond The Promotional Video (Part 1)

How To Think Beyond The Promotional Video (Part 1)

Episode 41 – How To Think Beyond The Promotional Video with filmmaker James Mellor.

This new season of The Content Marketing Studio continues to explore ways to create better online content faster, including online videos.

I am joined by filmmaker and video producer James for a truly inspiring and uplifting conversation about the power of moving images and sound to engage an audience. In part 1, we look at James’ career past and present:

In this episode James Mellor and I talk about:

  • celebrating the 10th anniversary of Rainbow Trout Films and relocating to a new studio during lockdown
  • how he adapted his services and switched to creating free information videos to keep in touch with his clients and keep himself motivated
  • his first experience in film production working as a runner and seeing his name on the end credits on his birthday
  • the power of networking, being persistent and showing interest in all aspects of video and film production by asking questions and talking to everyone!
  • what it was like to work on the set of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban at Shepperton and Leavesden studios and to meet Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman
  • how he made the progression from assistant-director to directing his first short film and the lessons he learned along the way
  • the importance of building a network of passionate individuals and call upon them for your own projects
  • making the transition from fiction work to corporate video production and how he brought his creative talent to help his clients stand out from the crowd
  • and so much more!

About James Mellor

James Mellor Fimmaker and Video Producer from Rainbow Trout Films on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

James is the founder and director of Rainbow Trout Films, the creative director for The Northern Video Company and the co-creator of the Inflight Food Trip series for Amazon Prime Videos. He has had a long and successful career working on the production side of well-known television programmes and feature films. He now brings his expert knowledge in visual storytelling to businesses across the engineering, manufacturing, logistics and aviation sectors. This covers corporate video, testimonials, training, trade show films and much more.

Rainbow Trout Films Official Website

Rainbow Trout Films on YouTube

The Northern Video Company Official Website

James Mellor on IMDB

James Mellow on Linkedin

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