How To Start Your Own Live Video Series On Instagram

How To Start Your Own Live Video Series On Instagram

Episode 3 – How To Start Your Own Live Video Series On Instagram with Tiana Wilson-Buys.

We continue to look at ways to engage your audience better and faster with live video marketing.

I am joined by entrepreneur and productivity expert Tiana Wilson-Buys to discuss how she is using live video to build a loyal audience on Instagram:

In this episode Tiana Wilson-Buys and I talk about:

  • how she started her first live video series on Periscope a few years ago and the many lessons she learned at the time
  • the benefits of repurposing your live sessions into blog posts and online courses via a subscription model
  • how she adapted her events management business and used live video to help promote the online version of a well-established annual event
  • why she chose Instagram as the main platform for live streaming and how she plans, promotes and produces the live sessions
  • inviting guests on your live series and using the interview format to create more interest and engagement with your audience
  • using the prep and techniques of ‘real’ event management to deliverer a great ‘virtual’ event
  • how you can help your guests get ready and feel more comfortable before going live with you
  • managing chats and questions from your live audience and the benefit of getting others to help you with the first sessions
  • her plans to repurpose the live sessions from adding the video to IGTV to creating a searchable library
  • how live video will help you build your audience and showcase your expertise in a way that is enjoyable and enriching
  • what she suggests Mark Zuckerberg could do to improve Instagram for creators and content consumers alike
  • and so much more!

About Tiana Wilson-Buys

Tiana Wilson-Buys from Taking Business, 3D2D Events and Historiette on AR-VR Live Video Zone with Pascal Fintoni

Tiana Wilson-Buys is the founder of Talking Business and is known as the ‘Getting Stuff Done’ coach and productivity expert. She is also the co-owner of several businesses including 3D2D Events and Historiette.

3D2D Events Limited organises events where artists, designers and craftworkers can showcase their unique, handmade products.

At Historiette, Tiana works with partners in the heritage and travel sectors, to reach their audiences through a variety of content on various social platforms.

Talking Business Official Business

3D2D Events Official Business

West End Fair on Instagram

Historiette on Instagram

Tiana Wilson-Buys on Linkedin

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