How To Start And Fall In Love With Your Own Marketing

How To Start And Fall In Love With Your Own Marketing

Episode 57 – How To Start And Fall In Love With Your Own Marketing with Michelle Rose.

It is easy for all of us to fall into the trap of being a little dissatisfied with our own work or overly critical, let’s change this!

I am joined by marketing mentor and trainer Michelle Rose to talk about how and why we should enjoy our own marketing a lot more:

In this episode Michelle Rose and I talk about:

  • why she changed her business name and the impact on her own self-belief and drive to create new services for her clients
  • why changing your mind and adapting your business activities often is absolutely fine
  • the impact of the global pandemic on her training business and how it gave her the impetus to launch her online marketing school
  • how to get started with your marketing, fall in love and stay in love with your own marketing
  • the pitfalls of the ‘I must do this’ mindset and why you should find ways to do less so that it does not become a chore
  • by doing less you will have more time to discover the kind of marketing that works for you and your style as a content creator
  • the many options available to you from writing blogs to live videos and sticking to your strengths over a long time period
  • getting more value and impact from existing content and find ways to repurpose it and share it more widely before you start creating anything new
  • traditional or vintage marketing, good customer service and the many lessons we can still get inspiration from
  • and so much more!

About Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose from Michelle Rose Marketing on The Content Marketing Studio with Pascal Fintoni

She is the founder of Michelle Rose Marketing (formerly know as Custard & Bear) and her aim to is to get people started with their marketing and then for them to fall in love with it so that they become truly consistent with it (which is often easier said than done!).

Michelle can give you the confidence you need to get into good marketing habits and #LoveYourMarketing. She is known for her ideas and she uses them throughout her teaching, so you’ll always be inspired with new ways to market your business. With Michelle, your ideas jar will never be empty!

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