How To Make Content Marketing Work For You

How To Make Content Marketing Work For You

I still have incredibly fond memories of being a guest on the ‘3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast’ hosted by Rob and Kennedy, the co-founders of ResponseSuite and The Email Marketing Heroes.

Although this was recorded some time ago, the advice and insights that I shared are still valid today, perhaps even more so as I looked at the future of content marketing for small businesses.

It is also a great example of how to produce and segment a podcast or video episode, I hope you enjoy our conversation:


In this upbeat and sometimes surprising Q&A we talk about:

  • how the role of content marketing can extend beyond sales and leads conversion
  • why ‘to be seen and heard being helpful’ by your ideal customers is the real objective
  • breaking down your content marketing objectives into 3 groups: Commercial, Operational and Personal
  • the difference between Promotional and Social content and how to organise your plan into different content categories
  • the best way to keep track of progress and being focused on increasing your visibility
  • Why ‘90% of your content should be on someone else’s platform and 10% should go on your own’
  • and I think I did rather well on the Quiz and Quickfire Round!

The interview was originally published on the ResponseSuite blog together with the audio only version and a short transcript.

Click on the image or link below to access the webpage:

Pascal Fintoni interviewed by Rob and Kennedy - 3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast Episode 29

About Rob Temple and Kennedy

Le Video Curateur - Episode 2 - How To Make Content Marketing Work For You with Rob Temple, Kennedy and Pascal Fintoni.

Rob and Kennedy have started a movement in the world of marketing, that’s what you get when a comedy hypnotist and a mind reader turn their skills to email marketing! Through their various programs, software (ResponseSuite) and membership (The League) and their podcast (The Email Marketing Show) they help small business owners to become the Email Marketing Heroes of their businesses.

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