How To Get Your Sales Team Involved In Content Marketing

How To Get Your Sales Team Involved In Content Marketing

Episode 36 – How To Get Your Sales Team Involved In Content Marketing with Joanne Dolezal

We talk about getting sales and marketing to work together in supporting the customer journey with the right kind of content at the right time.

In this episode, we ask Joanne to share her advice and suggestions on:

  • Why content marketing is becoming more mainstream, and how its value can be measured
  • How the customer journey has changed and how this impacts their decision to work with you
  • Why most of the time we don’t know our customers’ pain points, and why we really should
  • How the traditional customer feedback loop can be utilised to give you content ideas
  • The need to get sales and marketing teams together to talk about customer needs and what content would help them
  • Why anyone in a customer-facing role is essential for creating valuable content, from customer services to technical engineers
  • When you’re known for being good at something, you’re more confident in your business and less concerned about where work is coming from
  • Niching is good – it’s easier to generalise from a niche than it is to specialise from a generalism
  • What the content marketing ethos is: being open and transparent, and attracting people to you by sharing, educating, informing and empowering them
  • Why to be creative, you need to move from your usual working environment
  • The importance of having ‘critical friends’ to help you edit and improve your content
  • How good images and professional graphics can improve blogs and enhance the aesthetics of your content

Key resources mentioned by Joanne Dolezal in this episode

Content marketing pioneer and author Marcus Sheridan:

Michael Zipursky’s Consulting Success podcast

Heather Townsend’s book, The Go-To Expert

Content marketing expert Mark Schaefer’s website and his book: KNOWN, The Handbook For Building And Unleashing Your Personal Brand

Chris Marr, owner of membership site and host of CMA Live:

Entrepreneur and business strategist Tony Robbins:

About Joanne Dolezal

Joanne Dolezal From Dolezal Consulting On The Content Marketing Studio Show

Joanne Dolezal has been running Dolezal Consulting, which provides marketing and communications consultancy and training, for nearly 10 years and has over 25 years’ experience in both the UK and Europe. She works with marketing managers, solopreneurs, charities, SMEs and established brands to improve the way they market themselves across the UK and abroad. Joanne also teaches with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Digital Marketing Institute at NESMA.

If you have any more questions for Joanne Dolezal, feel free to contact her on:

Dolezal Consulting Official Website – you can find her blog and free eBooks there too

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