How To Get Ready For Content Marketing – Part 3

How To Get Ready For Content Marketing – Part 3

Episode 3: Finding Your Blogging Voice

Marketing and communications expert Roger Edwards explains how we can develop our unique style that will reflect our personal brand and how we can keep coming up with content ideas.

Watch the Q&A Replay session below:

In this episode we explore the following topics:

  • Why are new and experienced content marketers finding it a challenge to find their unique blogging voice?
  • Why do we sometimes forget about our intended audience and worry about the wrong critics?
  • The ‘Curse of Knowlege’ and how it gets in the way of creating meaningful and appealing content
  • The common pitfall of trying to emulate others instead of spending time to discover your own style
  • The importance of respecting the discipline of ‘brevity and simplicity’ and how to use the ‘Problem-Agitate-Solution’ formula
  • The 3 steps to develop your own blogging voice and the importance of pop culture to find interesting angles

Key resources mentioned by Roger Edwards in this episode:

  • answerthepublic / Roger’s favourite keywords and content topics research tool
  • / online platform to help you explore questions asked by your audience
  • wordswag / mobile app to add text to images and create great visual content
  • canva / fast becoming the preferred visual creation tool out there
  • evernote / Roger’s recommended app to record your ideas for content
  • schedule once / used by Roger to book his podcasting guests and more

About Roger Edwards

Content Marketing Studio Blab Show with Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards is an experienced marketing professional helping businesses with their communications strategy including content and social media. Roger has an extensive track record in the ‘big corporate’ world and was the marketing director of financial services brands before setting up his own agency. He now uses his expertise to guide his clients in designing audience engagement campaigns, Roger is known as a prolific content creator, a speaker and an advocate of the KISS principle.

If you would like more information on what was discussed on this episode, feel free to contact Roger Edwards on: you can also download the free guide on simple business writing

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